A complete guide to the Triund trek

Triund trek is one of the most explored treks in India and adds thrills to the weekends of many residents of nearby states. Located on the lap of the Dharamsala Mountains, Triund Trek, 18 km from Dharamsala, offers enchanting views of the Kangra Valley and the snow-capped mountains. If you are a beginner and enjoy trekking, Triund Trek is the perfect choice for you as it is an easy hike. This journey is famous for its short and steep routes.

As you walk down the path and notice the beautiful birdsongs emanating from rhododendrons and oak trees, you’ll realize you’re in a true heaven. Triund Trek is a treat for bird lovers.

Depending on your interests, you can visit this tour on weekdays or weekends. Weekends are the best choice for peace-loving people and weekdays are the best choice for people-loving people. With good connectivity from Dharamsala and McLeod Ganji, this off-road trip attracts a lot of people each year. The breathtaking natural scenery at different times of the day reflects the true beauty of the Triund Trek.

Everyone can get lost in the air and music of nature, but it is impossible to get lost while hiking. You can even opt to hire a guide who will help answer our questions along the way.

 The best time to go on a triund trip 

Triund trips are available to anyone all year round except January and February. During these months, the trails are exposed to heavy rain and are slippery and dangerous for hikers. Therefore, the best time to complete a triund trek is March-June, when you can enjoy sunny days and breathtaking mountains. The weather is nice all year round, except in the freezing winter. Summer and spring temperatures range from 5 to 26 degrees Celsius, while in winter they drop to 10 degrees. So you should bring heavy wool in cold winter, light wool in normal weather, and a sleeping bag for all seasons.

 Is it difficult to complete a trip?

With trails and horizontal climbs, the Triund Trek is the best hike for all ages (beginners and experts). Due to the short distance between MacLeodanj and the Triund, trekkers don’t waste all of their energy and save it up for the views. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, you can easily cover the first 5 km.

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If you decide to embark on this wonderful journey in the extreme winters when the temperatures drop below 0 and the way becomes slippery with snow, you will have to change your game plan completely and make sure you bring the right types of equipment along the way.

Surrounded by the stunning Himalayas, sparkling waterfalls, and ravishing greenery, the Triund Trek offers an experience of a lifetime. Timing is very important to fully enjoy this trip. It would be nice to visit Triund Trek in summer and spring. During these seasons, the temperature and climate are mild. What could be more special is if you get a beautiful, romantic, and thrilling hiking experience in a short period of time.

Whether you’re hiking in the Himalayas, camping with family and friends, or spending a romantic evening with your partner, Triund Trek offers the perfect combination of it all. Watching the sunrise determines is the cherry on top of the cake of the whole experience.

Dharamshala’s jewel as rightly said is Triund – a fascinating trekking destination. Drive to the top and you’ll pass through coriander, azaleas, and oak forests. The whole journey isn’t a big deal, but the last mile is full of twists and turns that can reduce your stamina at astonishing speeds – you’ll be surprised at how early your breath runs out. Some stops here and there can really help.

To complete this 10km adventure, you need to reach MacLeodanji, 8km from Dharamsala, the starting point for trekking. Volvo Buses depart regularly from Delhi and Chandigarh. The two-day tour will take you to fascinating attractions such as Bagus Falls, Laka Glacier, and Gardebi Temple.

The first part of the journey from MacLeodgangji to Bagus village is about 7km long, the easiest part of the excursion. The last 3km from the village of Bagus to the Triund is a big hurdle. The last part mostly is a tough hurdle.

However, there are some warnings to keep in mind to make sure the trip goes fruitfully. If you don’t want to spend the night gazing up at the starry sky, it can take up to 12 hours for a round trip. It is recommended to spend the night looking at the night sky. It is impossible to ignore it, it’s like a beautiful work of art that thrives on its raw energy.  Bring warm clothes to defend against the cool breeze that sways as if it were stroking your hair. Triund is a trek that has changed so many lives.

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It has been enjoyed years and years by many locals and outsiders as a weekend getaway but people often underestimate the quality of views you get from it. It truly is a heavenly hike and it leaves an everlasting impact on everyone’s mind who comes on it. The trek calls out your name! You don’t even need a full week, just a weekend would do, and back to work! Come, look at the beauty that is Triund.

The time is now, so come forward and join the trek. How many times do people get to do a trek that’s just a couple of days? It doesn’t even disrupt your daily life. If you have a few days on your hand, you must pay Mcleodganj a visit so that you can visit its gorgeous monasteries and learn a lesson about Dharamshala and how the Dalai Lama found refuge in the arms of India when China attacked Tibet. The lessons are endless and the beauty is everlasting. Come to Triund and learn the lesson of a lifetime!

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