A Definitive Guide to Instagram Analytics

A Definitive Guide to Instagram Analytics

If you have really wish to grow your Instagram account, take a closer look at Instagram analytics because it is a great place to begin your destination. Social Media Agency can offer you great services in this sense. Instagram analytics help you lot to hit the right audience, develop a more enhanced content strategy, and reach out to new audiences. But to learn all different Instagram terms and metrics, and how can use this data for your brand growth is not a big deal.

Through Instagram analytics, you can get a better understanding of who is your audience, where they are too much active, and what kind of content can grab their attention. Such kind of insight is extremely important to plan a content technique that can derive results for your business or brand. And without all these facts and figures, you are just working in the dark without consequences.

Although, to find the right track of metrics and how to interpret them is easier to say more than done. Every business and brand has its unique goals; it means that essential metrics can differ from case to case. But what is the best place to start? To get a clear idea about your business goals, you can plan about which kind of metrics are pretty relevant that can help you to approach them.

How to Access Instagram Analytics?

If you have already a creator or business profile on Instagram, you can easily approach your analytics by the insights tab of the Instagram app. Begin with the tapping of the icon in a menu on the right side of your profile, click the insights tab, and it will open the analytics for your creator or business profile.

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Once you will open your insights, you can easily find numerous metrics and many analytics for your stories, posts, and traffic demographics, etc. besides, Instagram can show posts and stories that you were published after switching to creator or business profile.

How to Access the Instagram Analytics Dashboard?

The native analytics of Instagram and Instagram analytics of later features provide you an overall view of how your stories and posts are performing well. All these are easy to use through the dashboard.

You will get all analytics through Instagram in a digestible format and even extra data points including the perfect time to publish your posts. And these points are available in Advance plans. You can even track Instagram stories and posts for three months’ worth. So that you can view your performance and can filter the significant metrics like comments, reach, likes, and many more.

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Besides, Instagram analytics keep separate story performance and post-performance on the dashboard. So that you can view exactly how every channel has the most motivating value of your products.

Instagram Analytics for an Audience

Getting a good hold of your audience analytics is a superb way to understand for whom you are talking. So that you can customize your content strategy and then post at the perfect time. Besides, tapping icon is also useful to develop your product page. Open the Instagram insight tab, scroll down your audience and choose select all. Through this tab, you can overall overview of your viewers in the breakdown from 7 to 30 days’ record even with them including,

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Top locations like cities, states, and countries
  • The most active time of the day of hours
  • User’s growth