Moving Your AC Outdoors

Are You Thinking Of Moving Your AC Outdoors? Think Again!

Maybe you are renovating your family home, or maybe you’re just trying to reduce the noise inside the home. Some people even do it for the aesthetics! Needless to say, there are about a million reasons why you might want to move your AC outside.

And while that may sound like a good idea at first, we’re here to tell you to hold that thought till you read this article to the end. Because here, we will give you an idea of what are the challenges you might face and why you should consider hiring a professional to do this.

So, let’s get started!


What are the Challenges You Would Face while Moving Your AC Outdoors?

Most electric appliances are easy to move around. All you need to do is unplug it from the socket, switch the location, and plug it back in. However, moving your AC takes a lot more strength.

The first challenge you would face is with the weight of the unit. The average weight of an air conditioner is between 27kgs to 82kgs (60lbs to 180lbs). This makes it extremely difficult to move it around with ease.

Moreover, once you have managed to move it outside, you need to make sure that the surface is level and even. Placing it on a pile of dirt or rocks can affect the AC’s condenser, which in turn affects the performance.

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The next thing you need to remember is to move all the AC’s parts outside as well. This includes the electric lines, cables, refrigerant, etc. Your condenser is the most important part of the AC. So, even if it looks like a plain tank, it is actually a piece of very complex equipment.


Why Would You Need a Helping Hand from a Professional?

If the above-mentioned set of challenges has not convinced you to hire a professional in heating and cooling Wichita ks, the major reason why you should hire a professional is that things can get fatal in a matter of a few seconds.

When you hire a professional, you can be sure to have the task done quickly and safely.

To start off, they will first pump the refrigerant from the AC before they move it. It might sound like a DIY-friendly task, but in reality, it is not. Because if the refrigerant is not handled properly, things can take a turn for the worse.

For instance, if you inhale this fluid, you can start to experience nausea, vomiting, headache, and dizziness. This is why a certified HVAC professional should handle it.

Additionally, you need to be sure while handling the condenser. While disconnecting and reconnecting it, you should correctly wire the AC unit to an indoor thermostat.

A trained professional could do this for you safely. However, if you are someone who has no prior experience, you could easily risk getting electrocuted. For these reasons, we would highly recommend you hire HVAC professionals from ECK Services.


Explore Landscaping Options

One of the main reasons why people shift their condenser outside is because of a change of view. In this case, you can consider changing your yard’s landscape scene with your condenser.

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Build a Fence

The simple look of a white picket fence or a beautiful lattice screen could uplift the aesthetic of your yard. You can use different materials and colors to build these fences, and they all give the yard a stunning look.

However, if you plan on moving your condenser outside, remember to place the fence 3 feet away. This small space difference will allow your condenser to work efficiently.


Build a Succulent Garden

Simply placing your condenser in the yard might not look very appealing. However, adding some colorful rocks and succulents will give your yard a beautiful look. Moreover, it will also keep away any dirt and debris and keep your condenser in good shape.


Make Use of Trees

If you don’t want to use succulents, why not try planting trees? If this sounds appealing, you can try using pine or cedar trees.

Just remember to plant your trees at least 2 or 3 feet away from your condenser. Also, remember to include an exit and entry point for service.


Final Words

If you would still like to move your AC outdoors, our HVAC Wichita ks professionals at ECK Services are here to help!

Our team of experts is trained to handle your unit and provide you with a simple solution for complex problems. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today and get your air conditioning solution today!

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