Caller Identification Apps

Caller Identification Apps to Use in Android Mobile

If you are utilizing a smartphone, you may have opposed a circumstance where the number calling you is unknown. You are reluctant in answering the call as you do not have the foggiest idea about the caller identification. Additionally, individuals do confront con artists or tricksters calling them over and over with unknown numbers, because of which they have no option to know whether the number calling them is genuine or a trick. There are numerous situations where individuals frequently prefer to know who is calling them so they can decide on if to pick the call.

The only choice for this is a caller identification app. On occasion, these standard calls become so frustrating and irritating to the client. It is the reason Caller Id Apps are generally significant on a phone as they permit the client to recognize who the number belongs to and block those numbers according to their decision. Choosing a decent caller id application is not simple. The app must have a big library, where the numbers have been labeled by different users and should be simple enough for anybody to use. In this article, we have gathered below a list of free caller id, that will help you block any undesirable calls and recognize any telephone number.


The Truecaller caller identification application is intended to sift through undesirable, spontaneous calls and let you connect just with those contacts that matter most to you. Truecaller operates a community-based spam list, that is refreshed by its own clients to keep up familiarity with all active spam numbers. The application likewise includes an in-built smart messaging capacity to message loved ones from online media. The dialler automatically recognizes telemarketing calls and spam callers. You can also back up your’s call history, contacts, and messages to Google Drive, albeit this is to a greater degree a long cycle than backing up utilizing Simpler Caller ID. It consists of a flash informing function. You can also view the names of unknown numbers in your call history. It also supports dual-sim. It is available for Android as well as iOS.

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Hiya Caller ID and Block:

Hiya is a caller identification application that recognizes calls and permits the client to pick whether they want to attend the call. This application can be used to blacklist spam numbers and fraudulent calls. To achieve this, the app uses the reverse phone query feature. Hiya has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store with a 4.4-star rating. Hiya distinguishes around 400 million calls each month for its clients and has recognized 1 billion spam calls up to this point. The application likewise checks the content of a message and perceives whether it is a virus or malware. It is available for Android as well as iOS.


With 4.3 out of 5 stars, Whoscall positions among the Play Store’s top caller identification apps. It offers comparable highlights as the other apps in this list. Notwithstanding, it appears to be more privacy-minded than its competitors. Caller and text obstructing: Like the other apps, Whoscall can block messages and calls from disturbing sources, for example, telemarketers. Whoscall can likewise incorporate a variety of social networks, for example, Facebook Linked In, and Twitter. According to Whoscall’s privacy policy, your information is gathered yet, then anonymized. Unlike the other apps, on the off chance that you turn off your data connection, Whoscall keeps working. Notwithstanding, it comes in at around 45MB in size, which is the largest out of all the caller ID apps.

Calls Blacklist:

In addition to identifying the numbers, you can utilize this caller identification application for evading calls and messages from undesirable, private, or unknown numbers. The application is not difficult to use and lightweight notwithstanding, the small size it does and acquires incredible features for the client. On your Android telephone, you get a log of blocked numbers giving more insights regarding the numbers, which are blocked. With the Blacklist application, you can maintain a strategic distance from any spoof caller while audio chatting or during a VoIP call. The extra element permits you to block the number effectively with the telephone number identifier utilizing the ‘Starts with’ option.

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Sync.ME has a functioning client data set of more than 10,000,000 clients depending straightforwardly on it for impeding spam calls and messages. It is an all-in-one application that is power-loaded with features; like Caller identification identify and block undesirable calls and messages, telephone queries, birthday updates, and some more. It is accessible on Google Play Store for free.

True Phone Dialer:

As told by a dissertation help firm, True Phone Dialer is perhaps the most mainstream dialler as well as caller identification app on Android. It has a ton of decent design and functionality choices. The application shows big photos of the caller, and you can set the style to coordinate plenty of mainstream OEMs like Google, Apple, and others. The customization is good and, the functionality works as well. You can add different pieces of data to an individual’s contact profile, like, their birthday or various notes. True Phone gives you a helpful approach to rapidly get to your new calls, contacts, top picks, and gatherings. It accompanies the plan to dispose of unnecessary components to save space for content and make everyday use amazingly simple with a just-one-hand route. It provides the option to record a call.


This android caller id application accompanies numerous extra features separated from being a decent caller identification app. On the off chance that you need to have a go at something else from a typical caller id application, at that point, this is the one to install. Although the application is totally free from cost, it is no less on the feature. The application assists you with allocating an image to the contact. This image will be displayed if they call. The application likewise has an element where you can automatically begin recording a call when it starts. Aside from it, it does the standard call recognizing function and blocking them when required.