Does Tea Tree Toner Helpful for The Treatment of Acne

Does Tea Tree Toner Helpful for The Treatment of Acne?

As everyone knows tee tree is an essential oil and it is attained through the leaves of the Melaleuca plant. Frequently, the tea tree toner is recognized as natural dealing for acne. However, some studies provide proof that this essential oil has the ability to fight against acne but its true effect is still unclear. In the traditional acne treatment, this essential oil produces side effects and therefore, you should be careful in use when you are using it for your skin.

Possible Pros of Tea Tree Toner

Although the tea tree has some antimicrobial features, that is probably due to this reason, it is famous as a natural remedy for acne treatment. It is also believed that tea tree essential oil helps to kill acne bacteria that is known as propionic. And that is responsible for the breakouts of acne.

Well, very few studies have been done for this and therefore, through these studies, still it is unclear whether it is helpful for skin or not. So, still more researches are needed to prove it is beneficial for the treatment of acne or not.

Side Effects of Tea Tree Oil

As some studies show, tea tree essential oil is not magical for the treatment of acne. And the major disadvantage is that it is not as active as other medicinal treatments for acne that are available today.

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However, tea essential oil has some potential like antimicrobial and acne is not only produced due to bacteria. Several factors are included in the breakouts of acne. Whatever the reason to produce acne, this essential oil doesn’t help for the treatment of any factors that lead to acne.

Acne is the cause of some internal issues as well where there is no hand of essential oil to reduce the risk of these issues. Besides, keep remembering that all-natural treatments are not gentle because some side effects can produce because of tea tree oil itself.

Besides, tea tree essential oil can cause irritate skin particularly delicate skin of the face. Some people get an itchy rash, a raised, and dermatitis. Furthermore, your skin sensitivity can increase with time by the use of tea tree oil.

Best Tips to Use Tea Tree Oil

Although, tea tree essential oil is not effective for acne like other available treatments. But if you are planning to use the natural remedy on your skin, this essential oil is an incredible choice for you. Because it is the best alternative and natural acne treatment.

The best thing is that you can get this essential oil from any natural food store. But it would be beneficial for you if you use it in the diluted form before applying it to your skin. Most aromatherapists suggest diluting tea tree oil in any carrier oils like almond, coconut oil, and many more. But keep remember, this essential oil will clog your pores and make your acne worse.

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If you have decided to use this natural oil as a skincare product or buy any skincare products that contain tea tree oil because it is easy to purchase, read out its ingredient list before applying.

You need to carefully check whether tea tree oil is an active ingredient or not. Well, the skincare products that contain tea tree oil are best for the spot treatment of occasional pimples, rather than to use it completely for the prevention of acne.

Final Thoughts

Although many studies should need about the tea tree essential oil for acne treatment. Proven acne remedies are still the best option for you. This is not because they have proven through proper study track but they are the best treatment against the acne-causing triggers and bacteria is not the only factor.

If you have occasional blemish rather than regular and your acne is stubborn, tea tree essential oil is not an effective choice for you. Aloe vera cleanser is best to use for acne treatment rather than to use essential oil.

You better consider proven acne products like prescription medicated by your skincare dermatologist. This is particularly true for stubborn acne. If you want to use tea tree oil, make sure you are using it after the permission of your dermatologist.

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