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All About Kumara Parvatha


It is 1,712 meters (five,617 ft) the best top withinside the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary withinside the Western Ghats of Karnataka. It is positioned in Somwarpet Taluk, 20 kilometers from Somwarpet withinside the northern a part of the Kodagu area at the border among Dakshina Kannada and Kodagu district and Hassan district. It is the 4th maximum top in Karnataka. About 36 kilometers from Somwarpet and 1.five kilometers from Kumari. Traders should achieve permission from the Forest Department close to Batra Mane, that’s a nightclub. The vicinity is ready six kilometers from Kukke Subramanya. Kumara Parvatha is positioned withinside the Western Ghats and is the best top withinside the Coorg area of Karnataka. The trekking path, additionally referred to as the Pushpagiri trek, is right here famous amongst novices and skilled vacationers and the journey will take you via the dense jungle. People from southern India frequently come right here to revel in the experience. The mountain path takes the vacationer to the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary so that you get the double delight of spending a woodland holiday and trek. The experience is at a distance of 1712 meters. The overall tour time is ready eight to ten hours and the space is decreased to thirteen miles.


The weather

The weather is commonly cool and wet. The weather remains barren, with out plenty variation. It gets heavy rain among June and September. From October to December the vicinity is shrouded in mist.


Good time to go

The high-satisfactory time to go to is from October to January and from June to September. The summer time season of South India is extraordinarily warm and humid and you’ll now no longer be capable of sense the stunning plants round you. Moisture can even lessen your strength levels. On the opposite hand, winters are very pleasant

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Places of Interest

The path will take you via many thrilling locations so the adventure isn’t always a problem. Kukke Subramanya Temple in which it starts offevolved to peer the standard flood of vacationers. Dedicated to King Kartikeya of Hindu mythology. Then there’s Sringeri Mutt that’s a stunning temple with stunning artwork interior it this is very paying homage to the fashion of structure of Vijaynagar. Bildwara Cave also can be explored when you have time. It is stated that it changed into the shelter of the serpent king Vasuki and you’ll locate caves at the manner to the temple of Kukke Subramanya. Mallali Waterfalls will take you breathless waterfalls and exquisite rocks and you could be determined in Somwarpet. Another stunning waterfall right here is Abbimatta Falls and is a brilliant location to take pictures. You also can see elephants saved of their herbal habitat and now no longer leave out Abbey Falls, Iruppu falls, and Namdroling Monastery. You have to additionally go to the chairman of Raja and go to the stunning camps right here.


Safety Tips to Remember

Remember to hold masses of water due to the fact there may be no water.

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This experience is understood to have reptiles and also you have to watch out for bedbugs and cobras.

You have to additionally deliver a mild meal. A small tour bag and a snug backpack and also you have to put on cushty footwear. If you’ve got got some thing more, then you could depart them withinside the Forest Reserve and take them at the manner back.

Carry a coat and color for the wintry weather.

Make positive you’re bodily suit to finish the adventure. Do now no longer strive to stroll when you have coronary heart disease, asthma, or excessive blood pressure.

Ask if the experience planner has transportable lavatories due to the fact after Battare Mane there may be no right lavatories.


Things to hold:

  1. Proof of identification
  2. Snacks

3.A Bottle of Water (2 liters Mandatory) (No plastic allowed withinside the woodland)

  1. Electoral Powder / Energy bar / You can eat (dried fruit. Biscuits, plum cakes, etc.).

five. High first-class taking walks footwear (Must – Please take a look at the spit of your footwear and stitch them if necessary).

  1. Personal / First Aid Fund
  2. Toilets (Napkin, facewash, tissue paper, etc.).

eight.Cap, glasses, solar screen, humidity, mosquito repellent, etc. (in step with season)

  1. Proper backpack for all items (No bags, duffle bag, or holes)

Camera (Optional)

  1. Rainwear (Jacket / Ponchos) or wintry weather clothing (Jackets, warmth, or jerseys) – ((for every season).

Additional Pair of Clothing (in step with category)

thirteen. Slippers (alternatives on the stop of the day / experience to hold your ft cushty).