Sandakphu trek

A detailed guide to the Sandakphu trek

Sandakphu, literally meaning “the bloom of toxic plants” is a northeastern trek that is as beautiful as its name. This nomenclature can be attributed to the flowering of some nearby poisonous plants. One is them is the “Aconitus” shrub, whose roots have been used medicinally since ancient times, but its purplish-green flowers and leaves can be deadly poisonous if inadvertently ingested. Another species, the Himalayan cobra lily, is also abundant in the area.

Sandakphu trek is a big name in the backpacking world for light and moderate hiking with the views of an advanced one. It is a ridge at 11,930 feet and is the summit of Singalilla National Park. What makes this small village sitting atop mighty mountains a must in the eastern Himalayas is the fact that it’s an amphitheater for four of the five highest peaks in the world on a clear day, especially on a clear day. can be seen as part of the centuries-old 180 ° panorama.

Reclining Buddha (Mount Kangchenjunga, 28,169 feet, 3rd highest), Everest (29,029 feet, highest), Lhotse (27,9 0 feet), Makalu (27,838 feet, 5th highest) show you all their glory. The 5 Yellow peaks bathing in the sunlight look golden and stand as proud as they are tall.

Incredibly, the landscape stretches from west to east, extending to the summits of Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan, and Arunachal. It’s a humble experience to witness the sunrise from here as the dazzling light of the bright shades of rose gold drives away the darkness reflected in the snow-capped mountains that rise above the clouds. It’s like their shadows swallowed the valley below. The contour work that the sun and shadow give the mountains is just spectacular.

The sunset is just as beautiful, but the morning scene is generally more flamboyant. Sandakphu also has separate spots where sunrise and sunset can be enjoyed from. Excited yet? come along.

What’s the difficulty level of the Sandakphu trek? 

Well, for the hiking enthusiast, it should be easy. It is quite easy to complete, even for an absolute beginner. The whole experience although much easier than many complex treks can give you the views worth a difficult trek. How many treks can show you the tallest peaks in the world? Not many that’s for sure. Sandakphu can! On a more casual note, if you are relatively healthy and can travel 8-10 kilometers across the plains in 2-3 breaks, you should be able to get by.

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Sure, your knees and calf muscles can hurt a little, and the occasional fall or sprained ankle might slow you down or halt for a break, but that’s part of the adventure. Since countless beginners have done this, it’s safe to say that with a little beforehand exercise, you can get through the trek like a chilly breeze that flows on the surface of the mighty mountains you’re about to witness.

Actually, Sandakphu is an ideal trek for beginners for a number ofreasons.

The trails are well marked. The uphill hike from Manebanjan to Sandakphu follows the trail used by Land Rover. There are enticing shortcuts here and there, but they are more difficult due to the steep slope.

Almost every 2-3KM there are shops and grocers to help weary legs drop their backpacks and drink hot mugs and maggie bowls.

The guides are trained to handle all kinds of emergencies that can occur during a hike. There are no complicated paths to walk on, so even beginners can feel the true way of being one with nature without having to catch their breath every two seconds. The whole tour lasts 5 days, which is also a great way to get you some real drifting. All accommodations along the route are stable and most have comfortable rooms and services.

After a tiring day, take a good rest. In rare cases, if someone is unable to go further, you can ask Land Rovers for help. This is a unique advantage.

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Trekking gears are rarely needed. All you need are comfortable shoes and a bearable backpack. Make sure to carry a cane if it’s required. It will help you a long way on the trek.

Highlights of Sandakphu Trek 

During the trip, you will pass through several snow-covered roads, forests, meadows, and monasteries. The locals greet you with a smile as the huge snow-capped mountains form the perfect backdrop for everything. According to experienced hikers and backpackers, the post-Monsonic season is a great time to visit Sandakphu, but we’ll come back later with this in-depth Sandakphu hiking guide.

 What’s a good time to go on the trek?

September offers a clear view of the peaks without rain. The weather is nice and the walk will be easier. The February-April period is also an ideal choice for planning your visit. During this time, the azaleas bloom, and everything like pink and red leaves. Spring is also a great time to see red pandas.

How to reach the base camp?

The breathtaking scenery of Snow Peak-Trekking to Sandakphu offers all kinds of amazing experiences. To reach the base camp, you have to cross the old Silk Road. In addition, the impeccable hospitality of the people of Sikkim and Nepal cannot be overlooked. Along the way, you can see beautiful tea houses and pedestrian huts. The meadows and dense forests of Singalira National Park will fascinate you during your trip. A panoramic view of the snow-capped Annapurna and Kangchenjunga mountains is one of the highlights.

The spectacular view of Mount Makar is spectacular. At 28,838 feet above sea level, it is one of the tallest peaks in the world. From the top of Sandakphu, you can see this mountain range near Everest. Sunset is the best time to stop and enjoy the scenery. Lhotse, the southern peak, is an integral and magnificent part of the Everest mountains. It forms a well-defined trekking route in Sandakphu.

Everest, the highest mountain in the world, can be seen over other snow-capped mountains. Bringing binoculars is a good idea. It allows having a closer view of the mountain. In addition to these peaks, many other peaks look spectacular and fascinating. You will be amazed at every stage, leaving your everyday life, looking at the pristine nature.

Sandakphu awaits your arrival!

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