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About Gokarna Beach


With the longest coastline, Our country is blessed with many beautiful beaches and ports. The states near the coasts were used as the trading centers during colonial times and now are very famous tourists destination.

Among many known beaches here we also have Gokarna Beach in Karnataka. This beach is nested in the small town of Gokarna which is a pilgrimage center.

It is a popular spot for beach lovers, pilgrims, and hippies. Numerous activities with numerous types of groups can be enjoyed here. Surrounded by Palm trees, golden sand, and an open fresh environment this beach is perfect for leisure-related plans.

Sit under the big umbrella to enjoy the coconut water or go for some water sport, when near the beach of Gokarna one will find all the stress flying away with the wind.

Trekking and camping are the top activities for the high spirited junkies. Trek with a group or just your loved ones this amazing spot of Karnataka will end up forever on the bucket list.

One can also explore other beaches nearby the town such as Kudle beach and Om beach for an extended time. 

Come in the evening or early morning and see the sky change its colors the majestic Arabian Sea’s cool breeze and the sun are the most beautiful hosts of Gokarna beach trek.


How to Reach

Nearest Airport: Dabolim airport in Goa is the nearest airport it is just 3.5 hours away. Either take a bus or a taxi from Dabolim both are available. Every other major city is connected to Dabolim.

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Nearest railway station: Ankola, 20 km from Gokarna is the nearest railway station along with a small railway station known as Gokarna road which is 10km away from the city center.

Via road: Direct buses and taxis are available to Gokarna from Goa, Delhi, Mangalore, and many other cities. Highways are also connected to many known places near Gokarna for self-drives.


About Gokarna Beach trek

Start early in the morning to embrace the beauty of nature and the beauty of Gokarna. This easy trek of Gokarna goes through dense forest trails, rocks, and many scenic beauties.

The trek goes through several spots famous as beaches and lofty Western Ghats pieces.

The trekking paradise goes through Dolphine’s point, Om beach, Kudle beach, Half moon beach, and many more.

One of the most beautiful factors of the Gokarna trek is the waterfalls such as Vibhooti falls, Unchalli falls, and Burundi falls which are just breathtaking.

Just the distance of 10 to 12 km of trekking this is the among the easiest ones with a lot to offer.

A must-visit place in the surroundings is the Mirjan Fort which can also be visited through a small hike between forest trails and rock formations.

All these little hikes and treks are the combined reason to visit Gokarna again and again. The trekking in the Gokarna beach and all the spots nearby are just amazing and beautiful.

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Pack the bags for as many as days one needs and go wander onto some different place every day. 

One find day, explore the water sports in the glittering water of Gokarna beach. Try boating, surfing, jet skiing, and whatnot and inhale Gokarna completely in oneself. 

The refreshing water of Arabian is also home to some amazing coral habitats which can also be experienced with guidance by the locals and the trainers on spot.

Another best part of visiting Gokarna beach is the nightlife. Set camp near the beach or book a full cottage for a family to embrace the calm and serene night of this small town.

Either set a bonfire near your tent or visit the city center to try local cuisine and music.

The small town of Gokarna is perfect to explore and wander anytime during the visit and is completely accessible to every other part of the country.


Things to carry

  • Face mask and sanitizers
  • Water bottle (minimum 2 liters) 
  • Trekking shoes or sport shoes
  • Track pants
  • Blankets
  • Wet or dry towels
  • First Aid box
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Caps
  • Moisturizer or sunscreen lotions
  • Hoddies 
  • Wollen clothes
  • Socks and handkerchiefs with extra pairs
  • Camera and torches with extra cells
  • Powerbank 
  • Polybags
  • Extra cash