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How to troubleshoot Avast Antivirus Error Code 303916559

Avast antivirus has the best tools and features to deal with all kinds of malicious threats. You can install Avast antivirus in your Windows, Mac as well as in mobile devices. Install Avast and you can get the best plan for your device according to device specifications, features, and budget. Avast antivirus has a solid interface which means it can work on every kind of situation without breaking down. But there are some Avast errors that are reported by various Avast users like Avast error 303916559. This Avast error usually occurs when there is some kind of issue with the Windows files. But you can also get this error due to other reasons.

Symptoms of Avast error 303916559

  • You will get an Avast error message while scanning the PC
  • You are unable to open the Avast dashboard
  • Avast error 303916559 appears while loading the window screen
  • Your running program freezes and Avast error appears on the screen
  • Your device is facing multiple crashes
  • The keyboard is responding lately

Causes of Avast error 303916559

  • You have downloaded a corrupted Avast setup
  • Incomplete Avast installation
  • Malware infection has corrupted your Windows files
  • You have another antivirus installed on your device
  • Your registry files get corrupted
  • Another program is conflicting with your Avast antivirus

Methods for troubleshooting Avast error 303916559

Repair your registry files

The registry files need to work properly to perform any task. If the registry files get corrupted then you will get various runtime errors. Repairing the registry files will fix your error. But repairing the registry files is not a simple job because if you edit the wrong file then you may have to face some other errors also. So, try editing your registry files only when you know the correct guidelines. Otherwise asking for professional help will be helpful. Before you edit your registry files, you must create a backup to export the registry-related error. Follow the given steps for creating a backup key:

  • Open the Windows PC
  • Click on the Start menu
  • Type command on the search bar
  • Hold the ctrl and shift keys from your keyboard and press the Enter button
  • You will see a permission dialog box on your screen
  • Click on the Yes button
  • Now a command window will appear (black screen with blinking cursor)
  • Type Regedit on the command screen
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The registry file will appear on the screen. Now click on the Avast error-related file. Save the file with the .reg file extension. Export the file to the desktop so you can easily find it. Now can edit the registry files. But if you don’t know the correct steps then you should ask for professional help to fix your registry files. Once you repair the registry files; check whether your Avast error got resolved or not. If not, you should try other solutions.

Provide a full system scan

If you are getting Avast error while running a program then scanning the device will remove all the malware. Open your Avast antivirus dashboard and click on the Scan option. Now tap the system scan option. The full system process will take some time. Wait until your full device gets scanned. After completing the scan; restart your computer and resume the program. Check whether the error gets troubleshot or not.

Remove all the junk from your PC

Junk files like temporary files and folders can also interrupt your data. These files seem fully harmless but sometimes they can get you into trouble. Temporary files, browser caches, cookies, etc not only accumulate disk space but can also create conflict. You should always clear all the junk from your PC. Remove temporary files, browser history, cookies, caches, unnecessary files, and programs from the disk. You can remove these junk files one by one or you can also use the Disk cleanup tool for removing all the junk files easily. You can follow the steps given below for using the disk cleanup tool:

  • Close all the running programs
  • Click on the start menu
  • Type command in the search bar
  • Now hold ctrl and shift keys from the keyboard and then press the Enter button
  • You will get the permission box on the screen
  • Click on the Yes button
  • The command screen will appear
  • Type cleanmgr on the command screen
  • Press the Enter button
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Your disk cleanup tool will start calculating all the accumulated disk space. This process may take some time. Wait until you will get a checkbox list. Check all the items you want to remove from the disk. Make sure you have checked the Temporary files-related box. Now press the confirm button. Once complete, restart your computer and check whether your how to disable avast gets resolved or not.

Undo all the recent changes

If you are getting Avast errors after you made some changes on your PC then reverting the changes will help to fix your query. If you have installed a program then uninstall it. If you make any changes to the files then undo the changes. If you don’t remember the exact changes then you can use the system restore tool of Windows. It reverts all the changes you have made on your PC. Go to the start menu and click on system restore. A permission box may appear on the screen. Enter your admin credentials and follow the on-screen wizards for completing the system restore process. Once you restore your PC; check whether the error is fixed or not.

Repair the Windows corrupted files

If the Windows files get corrupted then you will get numerous runtime errors. You must repair the Windows files immediately to resolve your errors. Here are the steps for fixing Windows corrupted files:

  • Click on the Start button
  • Type command on the search bar
  • Hold Ctrl and shift keys together
  • Press the Enter button from the keyboard
  • Type SFC/scannow on the command screen
  • Press the Enter button

The system file checker tool will check the Windows files and repair the corrupted files. Now restart your Windows computer and check for the error.



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