Norton error 8504 104

Solve the PC malware error and secure online risk

Norton Technology delivers the best solutions to present the best highest degree technology alternatives. Norton supplies its very best solution for malware and virus function for your apparatus, such as your pc or your own PC. It provides complete consumer satisfaction. Norton has among the greatest CAD and CAM providers on earth. Norton is also working on always updating its services. Norton has an extremely skilled technology development group and machines. You will find engineers working that is always working for the Norton tech development. It delivers the latest technology daily and keeps it updated.


There are instances with the increase in this Advancement of computer technologies; the Norton keeps itself updated. You will find Times once the computer confronts some error like Norton error 8504 104. This error is displaying on your screen because of the cause like:

Primarily, the reason is that you’re working to set up the Norton antivirus function once you currently have the older one installed onto your PC or your own PC.

Second, the practice of setup may have neglected, or the setup was faulty.

Thirdly, in spite of the fact that you’re attempting to upgrade Norton’s anti-virus feature, the procedure may fail from the previous version to the new edition. So you’ll be receiving the Norton error 8504 104, which is flashing on your screen.

The aforementioned Are a few of the general causes of the incomplete installment of this Norton anti-virus function.


Thus, these are Some general reasons why the Norton mistake appears in your PC.; the error 8504 104 is severe since you might want to find out why you will see this mistake. If you need to fret about this Norton’s innovative technology promises to resolve all of the mistakes.

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Let’s know To repair the mistake Norton mistake 8504 104 in a number of the easy measures:


First of all, Eliminate all of the antiviruses from your personal computer or your apparatus: To do so follow these steps:


Make it simpler Firstly get rid of the other antivirus software or any software that’s intended for anti-virus and are intended for guarding your apparatus; this is because other antivirus function shouldn’t interfere in Norton antivirus working.


  1. Press Win+R
  2. Subsequently, type appwiz.CPL
  3. Hit Enter.
  4. The window will show on the monitor.
  5. You will notice a listing of those apps which are installed on your device
  6. Subsequently, pick the Antivirus/Free Security tool
  7. Click Uninstall/Remove program.
  8. Follow each of the offered directions on your device’s display to eliminate that specific program.
  9. Subsequently, the uninstallation process is going to be performed
  10. Restart your PC.


Second, now Use Norton to remove then reinstall the accessible tool. These steps can help you.


Going through The listing is time-consuming, and occasionally it is not very clear too. To make this easy, use Norton’s accessible removal and reinstall instrument to make it quite simple for you.


  1. Visit Norton’s official site
  2. Then download the application
  3. visit the folder of the download
  4. Install Norton removal and reinstall application which can be found on the monitor.
  5. Install the Program.
  6. Click the advanced alternative
  7. Click remove just.
  8. Restart your pc or your apparatus.


Thirdly it is Time to upgrade your device compels.

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But if the problem isn’t solved, attempt to upgrade the forces of your apparatus. There are a few drives in your apparatus that update automatically whenever you’re on the Wi-Fi. Some drives require an up-gradation manually. Thus update them and today avoid any Norton mistake 8504 104. The driver tools for your upgrade, as an instance, driver doc, are highly suggested to upgrade the machine.


Fourthly, Windows new installation is necessary for the hour


If the mistake is Still flashing on the display, there’ll certainly be an issue with the windows. The windows which are currently set up on your device might be outdated or old. You may attempt to set up the new windows and expect that your mistake is solved.


Fifth, today Utilize the auto instrument.


If you attempted Using all of the above tools and cannot correct this issue, attempt to use Norton’s auto tool. You have to download the auto tool in the Norton function. After downloading, use this function to work out your Norton errors 8504 104.


Last but not Least: attempt to get Norton’s ever-friendly technical assistance staff. The technical assistance team is exceptional, and they’ll solve your query.




Norton’s innovative technology is very great, And its current advancement in computer security has reached a second level. It Has an advantage over other antivirus technology due to its technology. Norton error 8504 104 is also solved quickly By understanding why and by following the basic steps mentioned previously. Norton’s Continuous up-gradation of technologies keeps it ahead of the rest of the competitors.

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