First Car

Choosing the First Car: Price, Dimensions

Dear, alas, you earned your license! You have left it all behind, for good—all of it, the agony of exams, continuous training, and exhausting cramming. You may now take a sigh of relief.

Forthwith, ahead of you radiates the fantasy for which you have trained remarkably hard and persistently – finally driving your car. Not only any vehicle but YOUR dream car“. Of course, new. Of course, impressive. Fashionable, too, of course. After all, that’s how it seems, correct? “How would that red Jaguar suit us?”. More so, it has the upholstery just in the color of the new Prado bag.

But wait, wait. You are not yet a driver; you are only a graduate. And will there be enough money for the same red Jaguar with the upholstery fit? And do you need it? So let’s not drive the horses into the quarry; let’s stop a little and catch our breath. Have you stopped? Now let’s put everything on paper – or screen.

So, we have limited expertise, which means no experience. What does that imply? That suggests we will unavoidably damage the car. One never apprehends danger concerning anything on a concrete pedestal, on a pillar, around a fence. And so that every time after such an incident, not to sprinkle ashes on our heads and not to tear our hair out, we will decide for ourselves: we should not feel sorry for the car. At least, it’s a pity – our first conclusion.

Do you know how to drive a large crossover? And is it considerably more challenging to manage it than a small light automobile? We are already silent about how to park it. Therefore, the second conclusion: the car must be the same size you are used to (the vehicle that you used to learn to drive). No more extensive than the size you learned to ride.

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Are you comfortable in the car? Granted, now both the seats and the steering wheel are adjustable in all directions and within the most expansive limits. However, one car will be more comfortable for you than another. Do you know which car will turn out to be “the one”? And therefore, any choice you make is a game of chance. Or maybe take it out for a test drive and discern what you fancy if you have a choice.

Do you need a large trunk? Or even the body that the pickup has? Or you don’t know yet. What size salon do you need? Also, unknown. What about gas mileage and maintenance costs? You see, everything must be considered.

Did you know that a new car loses up to 20-25% of the price at the time of purchase? You bought it for a million, and as soon as the store slapped your seal in the TCP, it began to cost 800 thousand. In a year, your car will lose at least another hundred thousand in value. It turns out that in a year, you can sell it for 600-700 thousand. Does the loss of 300 thousand upset you? The last conclusion: a new car drops in value more expeditiously than any other.

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What to do? Don’t worry; indeed, everything is manageable – to pursue the dream. Please do not step on its throat but move it in time and care. For the first year, buy a used car, not a new one. It is not getting cheaper at all so rapidly. For example, a ten-year-old car can lose 3-5% in a year. And some comrades manage to sell the car for more than they bought it. Hats off to those exceptional ones!

Your first steps

Buy an inexpensive car that doesn’t mind a few scratches. A novice driver’s first direct and clear goal should be – during the first year of driving – to gain experience. Personal and practical. Experience for yourself what is on the road and what it is like to keep a car. And understand which one you need—considering all the above conclusions.

Pay very close attention to tires. Newbies often overlook tires which can lead to unfortunate events. So always make sure your vehicle is put together with the corresponding tires. For example, suppose you own an SUV, install one of the best tire brands for SUVs.

Well, do not worry about the appearance of the car. Once you buy it – even if it isn’t that fashionable, it will eventually grow to become your favorite, most beautiful, and most beloved machine – guaranteed!

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