Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore Anymore

Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore Anymore

Digital marketing is today’s hot topic. Every businessman has always been voracious for its trends. At present, various technologies evolve totally in the digital world. There are some crucial technology and digital marketing trends that you can’t afford to ignore. Some are Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, social media, video marketing and influencer marketing. These innovations come with lucrative opportunities. In this article, you will learn about them in detail.


Artificial intelligence (AI)

If you are a tech-savvy then you probably heard about Artificial Intelligence. It is maturing very fast in the digital era. AI is the profound intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike humans. It has various lucrative factors that forced brands to adopt it. In many facets, it has bypassed human intelligence and results in snatching their jobs. Recently, Tech Mahindra, a subsidiary of Mahindra Group, announced that they are about to expel 5000 to 38000 employees from the business process services. The work will be done through automation and artificial intelligence cited by the company. Besides, they said that these technologies have enough potential to perform multitasking flawlessly. This will save their labour cost.

According to experts, automation and artificial intelligence can produce the desired outcome in minimal time. And in the coming days, ordinary work is more likely to be empowered by these technologies.

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AI predictions are more accurate and faster than humans. It helps companies in investing their money. And when you have more accurate data then the chances of profit enhances.



Chatbots are the best alternatives to respond to customers’ queries. The special phenomena of this technology are that it remains active at night too to respond to customers’ questions promptly. This AI-driven technology is often preferred by customers because customers get answers every time asking similar things again and again. Moreover, you can ask silly things without any hesitation.

A chatbot is a time-saving software as it works fast and responds more quickly than humans. Due to its prompt response, 27×7 availability, and cost-effective brands likely to use the software.


Video marketing

Video marketing is one of the trendiest digital marketing that can’t be ignored by brands. It educates customers amusingly and engagingly. Customers can also take part in this marketing by sharing, liking, and commenting on the video. This way, the brand popularity fosters rapidly.

According to marketers, videos of high resolution with rich content tend to spur viewers to buy the products. Making high-resolution videos with good content is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, it is better if you contact experts or hire a digital marketing company in Amritsar. The company will create as well as promote it wisely to reach widely.

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In the advent of social media, brands use social platforms to empower video marketing. They share videos on social platforms to enhance their visibility.


Influencer marketing

Due to social media, influencer marketing has got a huge space in the digital world. In influencer marketing, an influencer shares positive remarks about the product on the social channel to create a remarkable image of that product among the audience. This will be done by making a short clip on the product and sharing the same. 

An influencer is a well-known personality having a tremendous fan following on social handles.

Nowadays brands prefer to collaborate with social influencers than stars to gain the attention of a huge audience and also to foster their products and services.


Social media marketing

Social media marketing has become the backbone of digital marketing. It comes with a huge audience so you can’t afford to ignore it. If you want to bolster your sales then you have to adopt this trend.

Social media has various channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Brands can use one to various platforms to increase their brand awareness and mitigate their image. It’s been used by every brand to give a better shape and compete with their rivals.