The Best Way to Track Your Google Keyword Rankings

You want to rank better in SERPs, you want to get higher traffic to boost revenue, you want to continuously rank in the top results and whatnot but all these things are done through one major factor which is keywords. Keywords are the sole factor that creates trending content and ultimately content is the king.

So yes you have planned an outstanding keyword strategy And it is giving you the best keyword rankings. But how do you understand this term ”rankings”? What are you doing to check the rankings from the keyword strategy? Do you understand the figures which you get from each keyword? If not this is the time to learn.

If you’re still following the same traditional approach of searching the keywords manually, understanding the result pages, and interpreting them then it’s just a waste of time. You need to evolve more.

Have you heard about Google search console? If not, learn about it right now because it is the best analytical tool that can help you check your keyboard rankings. While the process is not done here yet, you have a long way to go. This tool is one of the free tools that can do the major work for you while if you want a paid tool then there are many such as SEMrush.

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Understanding the keywords

The basic strategy that you must follow is long-tail keywords. Why? These keywords allow you a wide portion of target reach and different trajectories to cover up.

While analyzing the long-tail keywords you need to focus on each portion of the keywords for example if you are a law marketing firm then each keyword will impact different target audiences such as accidental will impact Law Firm Marketing Company

You need to analyze which part of the keyword is getting more queries than the other part. Eventually, you can focus on those areas and boost your revenues.

Are Your keywords Optimized for Google Featured Snippet?

When we talk about the optimization of keywords then it is solely from the view of Google. Your keywords should be optimized for the Google featured snippet. If your keywords are not optimized according to the featured snippet then you must not get the visibility and traffic.

If somehow your page is not ranking at the top positions then it is possible that the optimization of keywords according to Google featured snippets may give you a jump which might not be achieved by any other strategy.

Search Impressions

while analyzing the keyword rankings we all get several search impressions and how many of us are aware that these search impressions are the sole factor that may give us the information about website rankings? Not many of us. The search impressions being checked on regularly within a period will give you an effective number to interpret and work upon.

If your search impressions are increasing day by day that just means that your website is ranking better. If you are focused on targeting the keywords then you should be switching up to getting more search impressions. Also targeting only one keyword is not the right strategy should be creative enough to understand all the portions of keywords.

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You may think that keyword ranking is the best kind of strategy that you can apply to rank better in SERP but that’s not the only thing. It is just a part of all the strategies that a Digital marketer must follow. By synchronous, it means that all these strategies should be linked together to complement each other.

For example, if you are writing quality content and optimizing your keywords then the relevance of content with your optimized keywords is synchronous which you need to understand. If you can achieve the sync then you are halfway ahead of your competitors.


The above-mentioned techniques have been proven and tested by various top digital marketers and hence could be followed at all times. A thorough checkup at these strategies will lead your website to higher results day by day.

Also if you start to learn about SEO techniques such as SEO for Lawyers or SEO for event management then it helps in making your keyword rankings better. SEO is the major factor to work on keywords. I wish you all the luck that prevails!