Raksha Bandhan In Modern Era

Underlying Importance of Celebrating Raksha Bandhan In Modern Era

This ancient celebrated festival of Raksha Bandhan in our Indian culture has seen significant changes over the time. The celebration and underlying meaning of this festival is no longer intact to tying rakhi on the brothers’ wrist and a promise to keep the other safe. So, when I say that the underlying significance of this festival has seen a drastic change over the years. Just as giving a rakhi online gift to your sibling on Rakha Bandhan is important, likewise, it is similarly important that you must know the importance and significance of this festival in our lives.

Well, we live in an era when we are more friends than siblings with our siblings, right? Yes, that one irritating soul whom we call our sibling is basically our unchosen friend that God had sent for us. So, let’s talk about the changes that have taken place in the underlying meaning of this relationship. So, let’s get started now!

  • They Are Our Constant Support:

Well, we should be really grateful to our siblings for being our constant support throughout our life. The way our siblings have been by our side, no one has ever been. So, no matter how many fights you have battled with your sibling, your sibling would never leave your side and be the best companion for you.

  • They Are The Best Secret Keepers:
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Secrets? That too with our siblings? You usy be thinking that I have gone crazy but believe me, no one is a better secret keeper than your sibling. Yes, they might blackmail you at times, or might get good bribes from you every now and then, but what they would never do is to cheat you and judge you for any secrets you  share with them.

  • My Sibling My Protector:

So, surprisingly, be it your sister or your brother, a sibling is the greatest protector of all the time. Be it an emotional protection or be it a mental one, your sibling will do anything to keep you the happiest. Yes, you heard me right. A sibling protects you and is there with you in the need of hour. I remember once, I  gave a good one to my brother’s ex for cheating on him. I know it’s kinda funny but that’s what siblings are for, right? So, get an online rakhi for bhabhi gift delivery for your sibling this Raksha bandhan and thank him or her for being your protector all the time

  • Unparalleled Understanding:
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An understanding sibling is a thousand times more blessing than a group of fake friends. Yes, if you happen to be blessed with an understanding sibling, believe me, you would not want to have anything else. Although, if you still think that siblings are siblings and not friends, maybe you lack an understanding with your sibling. This Raksha Bandhan, take an initiative to make your sibling your bestest friend and biggest companion with an unparalleled understanding.

So, with the ever growing changes in our society and cultures, we embrace the new cultures and relationships,right? Gone are the times, when a brother had to always be an over-protection one and a sister had to be seeking permission from their brother for everything. In the changing era, seek friendship with your sibling more than a sibling and believe me, you may not want anyone else to be by your side then.

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